Compare Airfare Rates

Compare Airfare Rates

In order to compare airfare rates, enter your departing and arrival cities or airport codes in the form above, along with your anticipated travel dates.  If you are not sure of the exact dates, you can enter approximate dates.  You will be able to change these dates on the results page to search for cheaper rates.  After entering the information required, click on Get Best Providers.  You will be taken to a results page that will show the top travel websites for your destination and dates.

If you are looking for the cheapest travel package, click on choose combos, and you will be able to search for a flight and hotel, or a flight, hotel and rental car.  This will allow you to save even more money when booking your travel plans.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Travel

  • Be flexible when booking your travel plans.  You could save $100s by traveling on dates that are just a couple of days before or after the intended travel dates.
  • Book all of your travel plans at the same time with the same company.  If you need airline tickets and a hotel, you can usually save money by booking them together with one company.  The same applies if you need a rental car.
  • Compare airfare rates from the top travel providers.  You can do that be entering your information in the form above.  You can also compare prices on rental cars and hotels to get the cheapest prices available.
  • Look for package deals.  Many travel companies will book large blocks of plane tickets and rooms to popular destinations, and then sell them as a package at great rates.
  • Book early – If you are planning your trip at least a couple of months ahead of time, you can save money by booking as early as possible.
  • Look for last minute deals.  If you have flexible dates, and are just looking to go on a vacation, this can be one of the best ways to save money.

Using the tips listed above should allow you to save a good chunk of money when traveling.  The most important step to find cheap airline tickets is to compare airfare rates from as many companies as possible.